On behalf of the Journal of Forensic Document Examination I am happy to invite you to participate as author in our next Special Issue titled “Handwriting Analysis and A.I.: Possibilities and Challenges”. The accepted papers can include new researches, literature reviews, reviews of pertinent software and casework, while the potential authors could range from forensic document examiners to computer scientists, programmers and neuroscientists. We aim to present through a multidisciplinary prism the imminent interaction between the phenomenon of handwriting -as examined by the disciplines of Forensic Document Analysis, Graphonomics and Neuroscience- and the emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies, focusing among others on explainable artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, machine learning, Bayesian inference, automatic signature verification software etc.

        The submission process starts on 1st of March 2021 and finishes on 1st of May 2021.  Author guidelines can be found here:

       The Journal of Forensic Document Examination (JFDE) is the official publication of the Association of Forensic Document Examiners (AFDE).  It is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal that publishes research papers, case studies, technical articles and book reviews pertinent to the field of document examination.  Papers written world-wide (in English) are accepted. We are indexed in the online database Scopus. 

Awaiting your response

Michael Pertsinakis, PhD, MCSFS

Chief Editor