Questioned Document Examination Using CEDAR-FOX


  • Sargur N. Srihari Denter for Excellence in Document Analysis and Recognition, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
  • Barish Srinivasan
  • Kartik Desai



handwriting identification, macro and micro features, feature extraction, word segmentation, log-liklihood ration (LLR)


Handwriting verification casework often involves comparing the writing in a questioned document with samples of known writing. This paper describes the use of CEDAR-FOX, a software tool for questioned document examination, in a case involving extended writing. The different steps involved from scanning the documents to obtaining a nine-point qualitative measure are described. The various algorithms used, along with a demonstration of its. functionalities on the case are also described. The paper serves two purposes: a guide to using a stateof- the-art software system for a quantitative analysis of handwriting, and an introduction to the science and technology of the software.

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Srihari, S. N., Srinivasan, B., & Desai, K. (2018). Questioned Document Examination Using CEDAR-FOX. Journal of Forensic Document Examination, 28, 15–26.



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